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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2010 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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come forward. you have two minutes each. >> i appreciate the opportunity to speak on behalf of bob paterson. this is very intimidating but i have known him for 35 years. we worked together in the industry, the wine and spirits industry. the entire function was working with small business. we were consultants to them, he was consulting them. how to run this business and make it better. and how to get financing, how we can help them get through the difficult parts of this business. and there is a lot of diversity. we work for all the different backgrounds, and he has been involved the whole time. he was a sales manager to help them grow their business.
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the one thing about him, if he gets the job, he will learn this and he will understand this, and he will be adding to this. he is a great part of this community. that is what i have to say about bob patterson. >> and other any other members of the public who wish to speak? please come forward if you would like to speak on this item. >> i am the commission secretary of the small business commission. we did provide a letter to you in electronic form. i provided some hard copies. the director has met with mr. paterson on number of occasions along with the staff, and the director was impressed with his knowledge of small business
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finance, and his knowledge of ownership structures. cash flow and other challenges that businesses face. also employee relations and many other aspects of these finances. the director is looking forward to working with him, and continuing to bring him on board. with more information on the commission about how the office is running. supervisor campos: public comment is closed. i wanted thanksmto thank mr. paterson for being here, and i know that this can be very intimidating to be before the committee. we'll have a right to be nervous about this. that said, i do believe that the questions that were asked by president chu do raise some
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issues, and again, because we have limited time to make this decision, i do not want to take anything away from mr. paterson, with what he has accomplished and he wants to serve the san francisco community. i would like to continue this matter. i am not ready to move forward at this time, one way or the other. >> i want to thank the community for spending some time on this commission. i would like to say that i have heard good things about you as a person and a business person and the like to thank you for suggesting that we move forward with this project. there have been a lot of frustrations about the fact that
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the commission has not been able to address or fix or proposed solutions to move forward in the small-business world as aggressively as i would like in the small business community. we need to have people with a deep understanding and a deep set of perspectives and opinions about what we need to do to move forward. i would support the decision if you want to continue this for a number of weeks. i would like to have a conversation with them as well, and introduce them to others to see if this position would make a good fit. i think that as a city, we have so much, we have a lot that we have to get done. we need to have people who are ready to go from the first day, ready to tackle the issues. the questions i asked were representative of the issues that the commission is
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confronted with on a daily and weekly basis. having this experience is important. >> there is a quorum that we cannot continue this item, and we have to act. we have 30 days. supervisor alioto-pier: mr. paterson, that asked you a few more questions? -- may i ask you a few more questions? a friend of towers? did you gain weight? >> no. supervisor alioto-pier: can you talk about stars and that experience? that was a san francisco resturant for such a long time.
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>> this was a very difficult time. jeremiah was a difficult person. supervisor alioto-pier: on the record, and everything. can you tell me about life in san francisco as a small business, that what it was like to help of this restaurant in town. a little bit of background information. >> the first -- first of all, when jeremiah was involved in this thing, he built up this business, which is now being demolished. but he was a person that made certain that everything was working right. and the way the guy -- and the
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way that i was there, this is when i got out of this business for a while. i was working and learning about a lot of things from him. he always made certain that everything was taken care of. all the time. >> how many people were employed? >> 24 or 25. then he opened a place in oa kfield. >> it's a vineyard now. >> it's terrible. the other one was in palo alto. this is when it caved in. the money wasn't there.
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>> this business is tough. >> the pastry-- pastry chef did everything. and you could learn everything in this restaurant. my daughter, and my wife is here. my daughter, i was the coo. i got her in there so that she could make the same kind of cake that they did. today, she is an incredible -- you -- we want her to go to basically open a resturant in
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lafayette. >> get her to open one in san francisco. good for her. as the coo, the operating officer, -- >> i am taking care of everybody. with tehe dollars and cents of everybody working. >> you deal with hirings and firings, figuring out who came into the samll business and grow it. ok. skyy vodka in 1996. you were working with maurice. [laughter]
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supervisor alioto-pier: you worked with a few san franciscans. >> skyy vodka was going crazy. it did very well. and basically, mr. canbar sold to campari. and yes. supervisor alioto-pier: do you remember when skyy started? >> it was 19 -- supervisor alioto-pier: when did he sell to campari? >> that was in 2000. that became, that was a huge -- supervisor alioto-pier: how many people were employed in 1996?
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>> through the country, i was the sales manager. they had about 120. supervisor alioto-pier: 120 people nationally? how many in san francisco? >> 14 in san francisco. supervisor alioto-pier: what were you doing? >> i was making certain that -- working with suppliers all over the west coast, the entire area. yeah. supervisor alioto-pier: ok. you've been in winte ane and sps business a long time. we don't need to talk about
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small businesses in 1968. alright, great. thank you, mr. paterson. supervisor mar: i wish that we could -- i just wanted to thank you. i wish we could continue this item. i don't feel you have the qualifications as a neighborhood economic development expert. you have a wide range of experience in other areas. my motion is to support item four, rejecting your appointment. i do appreciate your service and experience, but i don't believe you fit for this seat. >> we have a motion to move item
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4 and table item 3. one more member of the public would wish to speak. unless there is objection, we call on kevin wesley of the golden gate resturant association. >> bob has served as a trustee on the scholarship foundation for a decade. to allow us to give sponsorships to kids. we have raised $100,000 and there is an element i didn't hear about community involvment. supervisor alioto-pier: thank you, supervisor campos. i disagree with mar. i think that this is a tough
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venue. i was a floor commissioner. i remember testifying, thinking, i was about to asay sometinghing inappropriate. his experiencei in san francisco, with stars resturant, taking one samlmall place and adding another two, the ups and downs of the economy. if you are responsible for the goings-on at a particular place, you are dealing with a lot of things, different things being thrown at you. you have to respond or work
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appropriately. that is what we need on the commission. skyy vodka, if you are talking about 114 people, not a huge business. the managerial aspects of that are signifigant. i will support his appointment today. supervisor campos: thank you. i want to thank mr. paterson for coming forward. this can be a tough process. i had a good conversation with him a couple of days ago, and appreciated that he was willing to speak to me. he is a very approachable individual. that said, i have to say, based
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on what transpired today, i don't feel comfortable moving forward the appointment. it's nothing personal about mr. paterson. he has a record of accomplishment that is such he should be on a commission. it makes sense and i understand why mayor newsom put him forward. i just don't feel that this is the right fit. i will be supporting supervisor mar's motion, which i would believe we would move forward. >> the motion is to table item three and move forward item four. >> can we take a role call? >> alioto pier, no. mar, aye.
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campos, aye. two ayes, one no. >> mr. president? mrpresident chu: you care about the city and have a lot to offer, somewhere. i do hope and many of us desire to see you in a position to give back to the community. but with the challenges of the small business community, i know kevin wesley and other advocates know we have to deal with this quickly. again, as i said, i'm happy to talk to you, potentially after this meeting, about next steps.
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supervisor campos: thank you for wanting to serve san francisco and everything you have done. thank you. motion passes to move item four as a committee report and table item three. can you please call items 5 through 13? >> item 5, motion approving the mayor's reappointment of claudine cheng. item six, motion rejecting the reappointment of clotting cheng to the treasure island about authority board of directors. item seven, motion approving the appointment of john elberling to the treasure island development authority board of directors. item eight, motion rejecting the reappointment of john elberling to the treasure island
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development board of directors. item nine, motion approving the appointment of linder richardson to the treasure island development authority board of directors. item 10, motion rejecting the mayor's appointment of linder richardson to the treasure island development authority board of directors. item 11, motion approving the mayor's reappointment of jean- paul samaha to the treasure island relevant authority board of directors. item 12, motion rejecting the reappointment of jean-paul samaha. item 13, motion confirming the appointments of larry del carlo for term ending february 26, 2013, and larry mazzola jr. term ending april 20, 2014, to the treasure island development authority board of directors. supervisor campos: as these
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items deal with appointments to the same body, i thought it would be important to take them together. i want to ask a couple of clarifying questions to the clerk. as i understand it, there are some differences between some of the seats. for instance, a number of the nominations for appointments are basically two items for each individual that we basically reject or approve, and item 13 is simply a confirmation of two of what months, so i wonder if you could say a little bit about what the distinction is and why these are treated differently. >> appointments of directors who are officers of san francisco redevelopment agency are effective immediately unless rejected by a 2/3 vote of the board within 30 days of its nose, pursuant to charter section 113.
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appointment of directors who are not city officers or are officers of the redevelopment agency are effective on a point of approval by the board. supervisor campos: based on that, my understanding is that for items 5 through 12, we're talking about items where we have 30 days during which to act. item 13 is different. no timeline is actually provided during which the board has to act. is that correct? just a clarifying question, with respect to items 9 and 10, the appointment of linda richardson, is there -- is that an individual currently serving on the board? >> i believe that ms. richardson
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is not a current member. supervisor campos: so it is an appointment, not a reappointment. i think the amended version of the notice has that. before we begin -- supervisor alioto-pier. supervisor alioto-pier: when you say officer of the city, these are people who have already served or are currently serving on commissions? >> we received a member of the -- in a memo from the mayor of who are city officers and who are not. supervisor alioto-pier: ok, just one more question. linda richardson was never an officer of the city? >> yes. supervisor campos: before we ask the individuals to come forward,
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i would like to give an opportunity to the office of the supervisor that represents treasure island, supervisor chris daly. we have a letter from the supervisor, and i know that mr. jackson from his office would like to make a statement. mr. jackson, good morning. thank you for being here. >> good morning, supervisors. supervisor daly asked me to come before you today and read a letter on his behalf. if you will permit me, i'm happy to. i would like to take this opportunity to echo the concerns of many of my constituents on treasure island. simply put, the appointments before the authority on your agenda today have no t.i. residents representation and as a whole are unacceptable. the title board makes decisions critical to the future and ongoing operations of treasure island. they include budget and active
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votes of redevelopment agency and the trustee of the title and trust of treasure island. i believe that it is critical to have one or more t.i. residents on the board to ensure that island resident concerns are adequately heard and address. in 2006, the board of supervisors to liberated this issue at the rules committee, rejected an appointee, and asked the mayor to appoint an island resident. the mayor appointed owen stevens, who was unanimously appointed. commissioner stevens now serves as the chair. the board of supervisors received notification from the office of the mayor dated october 12, 2010, in regards to the appointment. for some reasons, mr. stephens was not recommended for reappointment. after a significant push back from residents, the office of the mayor e-mailed the press release inviting residents to apply for the board. given the office of the mayor selected as current appointments prior to inviting treasure island residents to apply and
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that this notice has only been out for two weeks, i respectfully request that the rules committee strongly consider the lack of resident representation with the current applicants before you and reject all of the applicants before the mayor of fathers with an appointment of an island resident. while i have other issues with several of the appointments in front of you, i'm unable to address them until this defining issue is dealt with. thank you. chris daly. supervisor campos: thank you, mr. jackson. if we could now call current commissioner claudine cheng. welcome back to the rules committee. here is an opportunity for you to make a statement about your proposed reappointment. >> i started six months ago. it is amazing how time flies. i think we finally have seen the
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project going to the stage where we have been looking for, as all of you know, the t.i. project, which has gone through major milestones, starting with the signing of the charter agreement with the united states navy followed by the release of an eir, which the planning department is working day and night to try to finalize incorporating the input from the public. and of course, we move forward with the negotiations of the development agreement with the prospective developers. the same reason why i was here last year was to continue my service. i believe i have the institutional memory and experience to continue to serve. i have gotten calls from the mayor's office. anything else you are interested in doing in the city -- i say absolutely not. i want to see that the project is completed. i'm very committed to making sure that the project remains
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one that will be a shining example of sustainable and green development in the country, and it has been referenced in many books in the world. i want to make sure that the project is one that is financially sound, and i want to make sure that the development is, after all, a place for the families, for the people of the city and county of san francisco with the kind of jobs that will be available for labor as well as minority and women- owned businesses. we have gotten to a major milestone, but much more needs to be done, and i have committed to make sure it goes through. last but not least, i was the one also to strongly support 0 in's apartment when he was appointed, and i have had a conversation with the mayor about my concerns about lack of representation of island residents, and the mayor
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indicated he is committed to making sure that happens, but i strongly in favor of it. supervisor campos: thank you, commissioner. any questions? no questions. if we could now call commissioner john elberling. >> good morning, commissioners. thank you for considering my appointment today. i have been on the commission from the beginning. i have been a ceo in the south of market working on a housing development for over 30 years now. the process is deeply engaged with our redevelopment agency, especially in yerba buena, so i'm very experienced in mid development in san francisco, and that is why when treasure island was declared surplus by the navy in the early 1990's, i join with a coalition of other community organizations, and i
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am one of the founders of the treasure island homeless development initiative. i have been working to try to realize this project was a potential to address homelessness and the issues in a proactive and positive way and -- in the context of a major redevelopment project, really a whole new town in san francisco. it is a unique opportunity, and i have worked really hard on trying to realize possibilities. i focused over the years on the community-building aspects and the community benefit aspect of the project. i would hope to continue to do that. of course, the whole development agreement is coming to you for your detailed consideration next year and approval, but after that, there are many details yet to be worked out, necessarily. the community benefit program now is sketched out, but it is not fully detail.


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